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Contingent Full Time Faculty notes:

  1. Michael Bérubé and Jennifer Ruth The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom: Three Necessary Arguments (2015)
  2. Vanessa Ryan “Redefining the Teaching-Research Nexus Today” (2016) The Profession
  3. Teaching and research are loosely connected. We’re seeing the rise of research specialists (research-only positions, especially in the sciences), teaching specialists (contingent faculty), and service specialists (professional admin positions). Ryan argues we need to realign research and teaching, and offers some recommendations to that end.
  4. Leonard Cassuto “A Tenure Track for Teachers?” (2017) The Chronicle of Higher Ed
  5. The tenure system doesn’t fit the reality of today’s professoriate. If we follow Berube and Ruth’s argument that these FTNTTF positions should be transitioned to teaching tenure-line positions, this will raise questions about graduate education for doctoral students.
  1. Rose Sheehan “Lecturers Express Concern Over Job Status” (2017) Brown Daily Herald
  2. Julie Shayne “Senior on the Lecturer Track?” (2018) Inside Higher Ed
  3. Colleen Flaherty “Promotion, While Off the Tenure Track?” (2018) Inside Higher Ed
  4. Colleen Flaherty “A Non-Tenure-Track Profession?” (2018) Inside Higher Ed
  5. Colleen Flaherty “UC Merced Adds Teaching Professor Faculty Rank” (2019) Inside Higher Ed
  6. Alina Tugend “How Penn State Improved Adjunct jobs” (2019) The Chronicle of Higher Education
  7.  John Warner “When You Can, Hire From Within” (2019) Inside Higher Ed

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