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A. Continuation of Past Policies

Except as modified by this Agreement, the following actions formally approved by the Board of Governors shall remain unchanged for members of the bargaining unit:

This Article shall not prevent any change of an action, or part of a Board of Governors’ action, to bring it into accord with the current contract; nor shall this Article prevent any changes by the Board of Governors to those actions not embodied in the Agreement.

B. Grievance of Changes

Issues concerning whether or not Board of Governors’ actions which are general personnel policies applicable to the entire teaching faculty and/or academic staff, are being followed in a particular instance are subject to the Grievance Procedure.

Any grievance citing this Article must indicate the specific statute or policy violated including date of adoption by the Board of Governors.

C. Notice of Action to Delete

If the Administration wishes to delete any of the statutes contained in this Article or referred to in a Letter of Agreement, the Administration must notify the Association at least sixty (60) days in advance of presentation to the Board of Governors. If the Association objects to the deletion, the statute must remain intact.

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