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All members of the bargaining unit employed fifty-percent (50%) time or more (but less than one-hundred percent [100%] time) at Wayne State University, shall be fractional-time employees within the bargaining unit. Fractional-time members of the bargaining unit shall receive the same University subsidy for the health insurance program and for the full non-contributory group term life insurance coverage as is provided by the University for full-time members of the bargaining unit. In addition, based upon their fractional-time salaries, fractional-time members of the bargaining unit shall be eligible for the retirement program, supplemental life insurance option, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, official University-paid holidays, and, when eligible, for long-term disability income insurance as described in XII.H. Twelve-month fractional-time bargaining-unit members shall accrue vacation days in proportion to the fraction of time worked. Short-term disability benefits shall accrue to fractional-time members in proportion to the fraction of time worked.

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