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Upon a majority vote of the faculty and academic staff holding tenure or employment security status of the departments in the Schools/Colleges of Business Administration; Engineering; Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Medicine; and Pharmacy and Health Sciences; and, in the Schools/Colleges of Education; Law; Nursing; and Social Work, a committee will be elected, and upon a majority vote of the librarians holding tenure or employment security status in the Library and of the archivists holding tenure or employment security status in the Archives a committee will be elected, with which the chair/dean/director will consult concerning the general budgetary priorities of the unit. This committee also shall advise the unit head on general travel policies and priorities.

The committee shall have at least three (3) members, a majority of whom shall have tenure or employment security status. The committee shall elect its chair from among its members. The dean/chair/director or designee shall serve as an ex officio member of the committee without vote.

The units may vote to designate existing committees to perform this function.

At the request of the budget advisory committee, the chair/dean/director will make available on a quarterly basis any accounting reports that may be needed to enable the budget advisory committee to provide consultation to the unit administrator about unit budgetary priorities.

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