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The DFT and the AAUP-AFT Academic Staff Steering Committee have launched the 2019 Spring/Summer Service Project to support Detroit teachers. It runs until August 16, 2019.

Volunteers will be collecting much-needed classroom supplies requested by teachers at two nearby K-8 Detroit Public Schools, Burton International (at Rosa Parks and MLK Blvd), and Golightly Elementary (St Antoine near I-75 Service Dr.). This is a great way to help Detroit students as well as support members of our sister Union, the Detroit Federation of Teachers.

We hope you will be able to contribute to this very worthy cause.

Below is a listing of items especially needed, although any classroom supplies are appreciated. Financial contributions are also welcomed. Checks should be made out to AAUP-AFT, Local 6075 with “Detroit Schools” written in the memo portion. The Union will then purchase the requested supplies and deliver all donations to these schools at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

The wonderful volunteers, listed below, are overseeing collections and have placed boxes at the locations below. If your building is not listed, please consider signing up, just contact the Union office at 7-1750 and we’ll get you started!


• Headphones – Much of student curriculum is online. Students must plug in headphones to the desktop/laptop and listen to items that are read to them and answer questions. They are often in short supply. • Zippered Pencil Cases – Students need zippered pencil cases because they take up less room and allow for students to safely be responsible for their supplies. Would especially like ones which are 3-hole punched for binders. •Travel-Size Deodorants, Lotions, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste and Feminine Hygiene Products – These are items that most people use every day, however many of the students simply do not own their own hygiene products. • Clorox Wipes – Everything must be wiped down, all the time. • Dry Erase Markers w/the Erasers – Encouraging students to write has become easier due to the use of individual white boards, however, students need the proper utensils to do it—dry erase markers and the erasers are the new chalk. 

Personal Checks Accepted ‒ Make Payable to AAUP-AFT, Local 6075 write “Detroit Schools” in memo portion of check

Questions? Contact Cynthia Merritt ( or Michelle Fecteau ( or Contact the AAUP-AFT Union Office at 313.577.1750, 
located at 5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 3301 (corner of Woodward & Putnam Streets)

Academic Staff Steering Committee (ASSC) of the AAUP-AFT, Local 60752019 Spring Summer Service Project Drop-Box Locations
5057 Woodward (Maccabees), Suite 3301Union Office (7-1750)
A/AB, Room 1330, Office of Federal TRIO,Carolyn Porter (7-2285) A/AB, Room 2800, APEX Office, Cynthia Merritt (7-4693)
Biological Sciences, Room 1360Antoninette Cunningham, (7-0185)
Chemistry Building, Room 169,Nawana Lawson (7-2573)
Cohn Building, Room 10, Felicia Grace (7-7985)
Education Building, Room 489, Daniel Lewis & Tanisha Watkins (7-9258)
Elliman, 1st Floor near elevators, Donal O’Leary (7-9074)
Engineering Building, Suite 2100, Elizabeth Hill (7-9850)
Engineering Technology Building, Room 1159, Joyce Lien (7.0800)
F/AB, 1st Floor, Room 1322, in Math Dept., Marisa Henderson (7-2589)
F/AB, 2nd Floor, Room 2248, in Sociology Dept., Stacie Moser (7-2355)
F/AB, 3rd Floor, Room 3247 in Public Health, Margaret MacKeverican (7-0653)
F/AB, 3rd Floor, Room 3183 in Labor Studies Center, Jackie Daugherty (7-2191)
Ilitch School of Business, Room 331 (team kitchen), Deborah Habel (7-5659)
Law School, Room 1265, Diane Fears (7-8039)
ManoogianRoom 585, Communications DeptMary Stanko (7-3221)
Old Main, Room 0204, in Geology Dept, Dawn Niedermiller (7-0180)
Pharmacy Building (EACPHS), Room 1600, Robert Hellar (7-8715)
Physics Building, Room 135, Jon Troyer (7-8962)
Scott Hall, Room 1374, Diversity & Inclusion Offices, Deborah Holland (7-3153)
Schoolcraft Extension Center, Suite 320, Gail Stanford (734-853-3450) Social Work, Room 173, Sarah Doyle, (7-4409)
Student Center, Room 687, Office of VeteransJosh McGruther (7-4936) & Denise Thomas (7-4753)
Undergrad Library, Suite 1600Helen Wilson (7-3164) and Celia Rahmouni (7-1851)
Walter Reuther Library, Room 343, Kristen Chinery (7-8377)
Welcome Center, Office of Student Financial Aid, 3rd floor by copiersDaisy Cordero (7-9844)
Welcome Center, Admissions Office, 1st Floor Lobby, Nick Doyle (7-9290) & Smriti Panda (7-4909)

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