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FROM: Charles J. Parrish, President, WSU AAUP-AFT, Local 6075
TO: (all ~1850 bargaining unit members)

12/07/19: My Response to an Anonymous Message
11/06/19: Controversy Over the Firing of President Wilson
11/06/19: Statement on the Present Leadership Situation at Wayne State University
10/03/19: The Challenge of Race at Wayne State University
08/30/19: Labor Day Message 2019/Statement to the Board of Governors regarding the Reuther Archives
08/21/19: Update on Pediatrics
04/22/19: Message to Bargaining Unit Members
04/09/19: Pediatrics Department Update
03/06/19: Governor Whitmer Proposes Bold Budget to invest in Education
02/28/19: My Response to President Wilson (WSUSOM/HFHS Negotiations)
02/14/19: Clarification of My Message to the Bargaining Unit
02/13/19: My Response to Pediatrics Faculty
02/08/19: School of Medicine Search Committee
02/01/19: The Situation in Pediatrics
02/01/19: WSU Med School Dean Search Concerns
11/28/19: Clarification of Email Regarding Title IX Training
08/06/18: What Negotiations with Henry Ford?
06/28/18: Message Regarding Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision (Janus v. AFSCME Council 31)
05/21/18: Union Prevails to Stop Reductions in Short-Term Disability/Were You Affected?
03/29/18: The Role of Lecturers at Wayne State University
03/23/18: SOM Selective-Salary Online Reporting
03/15/18: Annual selective salary process
03/12/18: AFT Michigan Scholarship Programs Information
03/01/18: Summary of the Critical Situation in Pediatrics
02/24/18: Use of SET Scores in the Teaching Evaluation Process
02/09/18: Pediatrics Answer
02/01/18: Situation in the Pediatrics Department

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